July 2017 Recap

Best Trade of the Month: AMD (1000 shares – Sell Short @ $13.72 on 7/17/17; Bought to Cover @ $13.27 on 7/18/17; Profit: $440)

Worst Trade of the Month: INNL (2500 shares – Bought @ $2.30 on 4/5/17; Sold @ $2.32 on 7/21/17; Profit: $50)

Best Entry / Exit of the Month: SIRI (2000 shares – Bought @ $5.55 on 7/27/17; Sold @ $5.77 on 7/27/17; Bought on good earnings – gap and go trade; Profit: $437)

Worst Entry / Exit of the Month: LITE (160 shares – Sold @ $62.01 on 7/19/2017; Worst exit with hind sight 20/20 because LITE reached a high of $68.05 on 7/24/2017 which would have been an additional $960 profit; Profit: $87)

This is the third month of recapping my trade history for the month and this was an awesome month.  My average gain per day was $4287 / 20 trading days = $219 per trading day.  This was the month that I felt like I made $4000+ not because of luck, but with good entries and exits.  I took a total of 23 trades with only 3 trades lasting more than 10 days, which means clean entry and exit.  My goal for the month of August is to be able to maintain my average gain to keep this momentum going for the summer.  I also improved on resisting FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).  As of July 31, I have primarily 4 outstanding trades: AMD, SPKE, HPQ (S), and GDXJ (S).  To recap this month, AMD has been solid for me as it has made big swings (plus or minus 5%) throughout the month.  This is also the month where I have been able to take advantage of short sales.  In the past, I have been gun-shy on shorting stocks as the potential loss of shorting can be infinity.  If for some reason, I get into the wrong side of the trade, I could be in trouble.  I was able to keep my short sale transactions tight, taking profit as I see the exit point as reasonable.


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