June 2017 Recap

Best Trade of the Month: AMD (1000 shares – Bought @ $11.87 on 6/14/17; Sold @ $12.50 on 6/20/17; Profit: $620)

Worst Trade of the Month: INTC (300 shares – Bought @ $35.67 on 6/13/17; Sold @ $35.72 on 6/14/17; Profit: $5)

Best Entry / Exit of the Month: BAC (500 shares – Bought @ $22.98 on 6/22/17; Sold @ $23.53 on 6/27/17; Bought on anticipation that BAC along with other banks will pass annual stress test; Profit: $277)

Worst Entry / Exit of the Month: AMD (1000 shares – Sold @ $12.50 on 6/20/2017; Best trade of the month is also one of the worst exit with hind sight 20/20 because AMD reached a high of $14.67 on 6/23/2017 which would have been an additional $2100 profit; Profit: $620)

This is the second month of recapping my trade history for the month.  This is a much improved month as I reached my target of $100 per trading day.  I ended the month with an average of $2889/22 trading days = $131.32.  Similar to last month, it was a roller coaster ride for me, as I on defensive mode coming out of couple of questionable entries at the end of last month.  I was able to get $200 profit out of those 2 stocks (DM and BAC).  June 12, 2017 was an interesting day as I was able to get 4 trades on AMD (1 short and 3 long).  Each trade was less than $100 but nonetheless, it is one of the bright day of the month.  I considered INTC on 6/14/2017 as the worst trade of the month, judging by the fact that I only made $5.  But this was also considered a great exit as INTC continued to slide to $33.74 as of June 30, 2017.  I used the proceeds and turned around to purchase 1000 shares of AMD, which turned out to be a great trade (profit: $620).  Similar to last month, I got into a number of risky trades at the end of the month: SPKE, AMD, and TCEHY.  I need to manage my entries at the end of the month.  Especially the fact that I had a pretty decent month that I shouldn’t be taking these risky entries.  SPKE has already dropped 15% since my entry.  AMD and TCEHY should rebound as other tech stocks recover from the sharp selloff at the end of May.  For July, I will shoot for $150 per trading day.


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