May 2017 Recap

Best Trade of the Month: TWTR (600 shares – Bought @ $16.60 on 2/9/17; Sold @ $17.16 on 5/1/17; Profit: $321)

Worst Trade of the Month: BX (350 shares – Bought @ $31.80 on 11/12/15; Sold @ $31.86 on 5/22/17; Profit: $7)

Best Entry / Exit of the Month: BX (500 shares – Bought @ $31.52 on 5/22/17; Sold @ $31.97 on 5/22/17; Bought on news that Saudi Arabia would be investing $2B in US infrastructure through Blackstone; Profit: $215)

Worst Entry / Exit of the Month: SPKE (350 shares – Sold @ $36.09 on 5/16/2017; Price on 5/31/17: $43.95 meaning that if I had kept it, it would have been up $2870; Profit: $109)

This is the first month of recapping my trade history for the month.  This is a so-so month as I did not reach my average goal of making $100 per trading day.  I ended the month with an average of $1923/22 trading days = $87.41.    This month was a roller-coaster ride for me as I got into a number of bad entries right out of the gate.  I got in @ $10.88 with 1000 shares of AMD on 5/2, hoping for a quick reversal after they released disappointing earnings.  AMD eventually reached as low as $9.85 just a day later.  That means that if I did the exact opposite (i.e. sell short) I could have pocketed a grand in one day.  Other bad entries include GDXJ (5/1) and M (5/11), which I still am holding.  M is another bad entry based on reversal setup.  I bought @ $24.52 hoping that it will see support at the half dollar.  It dipped as low as $22.43 on 5/19.  The middle of the month was the best for me, mostly because of the number of bad entries in the beginning of the month that made me a lot more focused on the entries.  Good entries and exits include GDXJ ($400 profit on 4 trades), BX ($215 on 2 trades), and shorting C ($140 on 2 trades).  I got complacent and got into a couple of “questionable” entries on the last day of the month: BAC @ $22.77 and DM @ $28.8.  We will see how the market looks tomorrow as futures indicating that we may have a green day.  I was originally hoping that I can maintain my $125/trading day so that I can up my average to $150 for June.  I will have to keep up my consistency for the month of June and shoot for $100 to $125 per trading day.  Still $900 away from one grand a day.


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